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Finding Balance with Pam

Counselling and Therapeutic Yoga

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About Me

Person Centred Counsellor (MBACP)
BA Hons in Person Centred Counselling
Diploma In Adolescent and Schools Counselling
200 hour Yoga Teacher 
580 hour Yoga Therapy Course

Welcome, my name is Pam, I am a qualified person centred counsellor, 
I live with a passion for many things in this world, where helping and supporting people in their life journey of understanding and transformation through counselling and therapeutic yoga, are just the cornerstones to my professional drive of regulation, balance and integration.
I provide general counselling and I specialise in C-PTSd, PTS, ADHd, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Depression and peri, menopausal and post menopausal support.  I work with adults and young people. One-off sessions, short or long term sessions available, in person, by Zoom or by telephone.
If what I have written resonates with you in some way, please get in touch via 07518 615308 or email me on
I offer a free, 20 minute no obligation consultation, to help you decide if you wish to work together.

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Support that can make a difference

I provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions, this can help you to notice any patterns of behaviours based in childhood/adolescence, past events and trauma.  

When we connect with the past and notice how these often unknown and unresolved patterns are stilling playing out in the present day, we can begin to change our behaviour, thinking and mindset.  

This helps us to feel connected to ourselves and those around us in a healthy way, helping to reduce anxiety, panic attacks, rumination, as well as providing the means to begin to move from depression into engaging with life and others.

Working in this way benefits all areas of life and conditions, providing us with the skills and the insight to be more present with ourselves and our environment. Being present to sensations, our thoughts and patterns of behaviour helps to decrease chronic stress activation and allows the mind and body to regulate and function and support the systems and organs of the body, which improves well-being and mental health.

Happy Hiking

Counselling for Adolescents, Children & Young People

£50.00 per 50 minute sessions

Listening without judgement

Do you feel like nobody understands you or listens to you? Are you feeling overwhelmed? With issues such as anxiety, bullying, depression and exam stress. I will listen and hear what you have to say without judging or trying to fix you. Instead we will work together to understand what is happening to you and how this is impacting your world. Get in touch today to find out how I can help you to make sense of what you are thinking and feeling.

Sat on the Rocks

Counselling for Veterans, Ex-Military & Serving Personnel 

£50.00 per 50 minute session 

Sparkly Dress

Couples Counselling 

£70.00 per 60 minute session

Three generations of women

Counselling for Women

£50.00 per 50 minute session

Understanding & Support

As a wife and a mother and strong, interdependent woman, I hope to offer you understanding and support.
As with all my clients I listen carefully and I  aim to understand, in a non judgemental way, what you have to say.
I will support and help you to make sense of your thoughts and feelings so you can make changes to your life or just accept who you are. Get in touch today to begin to connect with your Inner Goddess.

Get the Most out of Your Life Together

It is not easy being in a relationship and blame is one of the biggest stumbling blocks. By learning to hear what your partner has to say, without being defensive you can both begin to address what is getting in the  way of you both communicating, connecting and comprehending.
What we say to each other and our behaviour as a couple, can deteriorate quite quickly and sometimes we can get stuck.  All is not lost, through counselling, old patterns can be reset and a deeper understanding can be reached, enabling you to both have a better understanding of each other and yourselves and have the life together that you want and desire. Contact me to discuss whether couple counselling is for you.

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Transitioning from the military into civilian life can be overwhelming. You don't fit and you don't feel understood.  You no longer have a sense of purpose and you often feel isolated and alone. You often feel like your life is out of your control.  I can help you think about the impact military life has had on your thinking and behaviour so you can begin to understand the choices you have in responding to others. Within our sessions,  you can learn how trauma impacts you and can keep you stuck in a place of anger and threat.  With understanding and psychological education you can begin to apply this learning to your life and discover that you can choose who you want to be.

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

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Grief and Loss Counselling

As a widow, I unfortunately understand the devastating and life changing loss of your person. Everything changes, every aspect of your life and being is impacted and you are never the same.  Time does not heal but we get used to the pain, there is no moving on, just the reality of life pulling us forward, whether we want to or not.
I consider that a lot of my own work, has been about getting to know myself without my husband, being sad one minute and happy the next.  
Learning to meet each day as it comes, whilst remaining present with a love that is still very real and perceivable.
Get in touch, to find how counselling can support you.

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Home: Services

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga Alliance 200 RYT 
Teen Yoga Teacher
580 hour yoga therapy training

I use my knowledge and experience of yoga, in a therapeutic way to re-establish and strengthen the mind body connection.

I do this by working with you to help regulate your autonomic nervous system, which reduces chronic stress activation and the negative and damaging impact on the body and brain, leading to improved physical well being and mental health.

Conditions i can help with include:


Anxiety, Depression


Grief and Loss



Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain

Meditation, Mindfulness & Breath Work

Yoga Pose

Grounding and Breath Work for Regulation

Meditation and breath work can help to calm the areas of the brain which are overactive and overstimulating the stress response and help to strengthen and activate the areas of the brain which support the relaxation response. 
By noticing and changing the breath and by using established and proven breath practices, we can lower our heart rate, lower our blood pressure and begin to reduce the harmful physiological and psychological impact of stress.  
When we reduce our stress levels our systems regulate and we can rest, restore, recuperate and heal.
Through meditation and mindfulness, we can learn to notice our thoughts and patterns without judgement and learn to be in the moment rather than stuck in a continuing loop of rumination, worry, anxiety and depression.

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Hands Together

Movement for connection and regulation

Dynamic and long hold yoga postures help us to re-connect and strengthen the mind body bio feedback loop. 
When we do this, we are able to begin to change our perception and relationship to any trauma, event or attachment, developmental issue that we might have experienced.  
By re-framing and integrating our experiences, we can regulate our psychological,  emotional and physiological responses, reducing anxiety, rumination, overthinking and depression.
The practice of yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and interoceptive body scans begin to re-wire and regulate the mind body in order to rest and restore, providing a sense of equanimity and balance to the individual.

Yoga for Grounding and Regulation 

Yoga Mats

Working with trauma and and triggers

By working together, we can develop your sense of safety and security through grounding practices.  
Practices that you can use in any situation, when a stimulus, real or psychological, has caused you to dysregulate and become overwhelmed.
As, you grow your awareness of these stimuli, there is an opportunity to change your behaviour from one of over reaction to one of considered and healthy response.

Please contact me to find out how therapeutic yoga can help you, to balance your mind/body connection.

Home: Services

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Netheravon, Salisbury, UK

07518 615308

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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


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